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How to Apply Custom Template for Exchange Online using Azure RMS Online

Azure AD RMS (AADRM) is the Microsoft Cloud based Right Management Services which uses encryption, identity, and authorization policies to help secure your files and email, and it works across multiple devices—phones, tablets, and PCs.

RMS Can be used in Hybrid Environment as well, so make sure you have gone through the deployment of RMS Online in Hybrid setup.

In this Article, we will see how to Create Custom RMS Online(Standalone) Template for Exchange Online(Standalone).

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Need to Block Reply ALL when mail sent to many people using RMS Template. In tern, allow only reply option to Orinigal Sender.

Let’s get in,

Login to

Search for Azure Information Protection

Click on Add a new label

Give a new for the Label, Description and click on Protect

Now Select Azure(cloud key) and click on Add permissions

Click on Custom

Select Edit Content, Edit(DOCEDIT) and Reply(REPLY) options. here View,Open,Read(View) is selected by default

Here, It allows only selected options to users. all other options is disabled to use

Select the users and groups to apply.

In my case, Selected Add members of the office 365 tenant

Click on OK

Click on Save

Now the new template has been added and ready to use..

Give sometime to replicate across. if you want to know the the About the refresh intervals and how much time it takes, Please refer Microsoft Article

Now replication has been completed. Let’s open Outlook web app(OWA) — New Message –Set Permissions. You can see the template created is available.

Select Do not reply all and send mail to multiple to have it tested

Once Receipients received the mail. they will not get option to Reply All or Forward. Only Reply is enabled to reply back.

Likewise, You can create any templates in Azure RMS online and apply for the Exchange Online users based on the requirements.

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