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Enabling Azure AD RMS Online for Office 365 tenant level

Azure AD RMS (AADRM) is the Microsoft Cloud based Right Management Services which uses encryption, identity, and authorization policies to help secure your files and email, and it works across multiple devices—phones, tablets, and PCs.

In this Article, We will see how to enable RMS Online for the Office 365 Tenant.. RMS Can be used in Hybrid Environment as well, so make sure you have gone through the deployment of RMS Online in Hybrid setup.. In this article, explained RMS Online for the Office 365 standalone Tenant.

Login to –> Settings –> Services & add-ins, Select Microsoft Azure Information Protection

Since the RMS is being serviced from Azure Portal, click on the Link to enable the services

Now, it gets navigated to Azure rights management Portal and click on Activate

Confirm once again by clicking on Activate

Now, RMS Online has been activated successfully.

It can be activated using PowerShell as well. To get this activated, Open PowerShell and run the Command Connect-AadrmService after importing the AADRM Module. To install AADRM Module, use this article to install the module

Run the command Get-Aadrm to get the RMS Online status for the tenant

you can see it is disabled

Run the command Enable-Aadrm to enable the RMS Online services.

Great.. RMS Online is successfully enabled for the office 365 tenant level. In upcoming articles, we will see how to enable for Office 365 other applications like Exchange online, SharePoint online and so on.,

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