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Windows Server 2019 Got Released

After long development, Windows server 2019 got released post fixes of the bugs which are got reported last year(2018).

We have seen in the previous article about how to install the Server 2019 in full core machines. In this article, we will see how to install with GUI(Graphical User interface). Since it is still in preview, I request to refer for Microsoft Article for the features. We will cover in detailed in upcoming articles.

Let’s get in the installation, Download ISO image from microsoft Website. If you have HyperV or Vmware Test labs, you can spin up a VM and start installation. you can download the image as VHD if you have VMware infra and also you have download Azure if you want to install in Azure Subscription cloud infrastrature.

Once you have downloaded the ISO Image, you attach in the installation media and start the machine,

click on Next

Click on Install now

If you bought the Product license key, it is well and good, you simply enter the key and click on Next. Click on I don’t have a product key if you don’t Product Key, still you can able to install without activation which will allow to continue the installation and enter the product key post installation.

As like, Windows server 2012 and 2016, Server 2019 also provides two different versions, Standard and DataCenter. Both versions comes with Desktop Experience and Server Core.

Choose I Accept the License terms and click on Next

Select the Custom: install Windows only(Advanced) and click on Next to install freshly. skipping Upgrade option in this article for now.

Select the Disk for the OS Installation and click on Next to begin the installation

so far so good. Installation completed and got rebooted automatically. set the password for the local administrator and click on Finish the login to the machine.

DONE!! Open RUN and run the command winver to see the version of the Operating installed and OS Build Number.

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