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web.config file is malformed issue in ADFS Proxy

Following error was coming in ADFS Proxy server with event id 383 which is installed on Windows server 2012 R2 and configuration is file is also empty.

Log Name:      AD FS/Admin

Source:        AD FS

Date:          5/2/2016 11:10:38 AM

Event ID:      383

Task Category: None

Level:         Error

Keywords:      AD FS

User:          windowstechpro\radhakrishnan.g



The Web request failed because the web.config file is malformed.

 User Action:

Fix the malformed data in the web.config file.

 Exception details:

Root element is missing. (C:\Windows\ADFS\Config\microsoft.identityServer.proxyservice.exe.config)

Root element is missing.

Root Cause:

Opened ADFS Proxy configuration file which is  storted in the Path=C:\Windows\ADFS\Config\microsoft.identityServer.proxyservice.exe.config and found  that Configuration file is empty.hence that the service is not getting started and throwing this error.


Copy the configuration content from the another ADFS Proxy Server if you have them in the Farm and paste in the impacted server’s Configuration file and save the configuration. Once done restart the Server for one time and start the services.

If it is still not getting started, Follow the article and reinstall the ADFS Proxy Service to get the issue resolved.

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