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Windows 10 Technical Preview released..

Microsoft Announced the Next Windows operating system called windows 10 and will be released to customers in late 2015.

You can download the  technical Preview edition Image by using the Link.

In this Article, I will explain some of the new features which are introduced in Windows 10. Since Microsoft not yet revealed the detailed features, I will go through some the new things what I have tested. shall post you detailed features in upcoming article.

Okay, Lets get started..

Windows Start menu is back with New Look..

My Favorite start menu is back with new customizable space window,


sign-out and Power button options are moved to start menu.

Desktop, My Computer and network icons got changed and applied with new icons.


Task button is introduced which will help you to easily move between running tasks. It is so simple and Customizable.


Required 2GB RAM for x64 Processor for Windows 10.  but it still runs so good with 1GB RAM. You may need additional RAM depends on applications installed. Please click here  for complete system requirements.


How to Customize..

You can customize start button and space icons by dragging and dropping the applications.

Also you can resize icons..


we can uninstall the applications by right click –> Uninstall,


Biggest advantage for administrators is compand prompt changes. Now you can do copy and paste the commands by using keyboard shortcut keys. it became like notepad and simple..


If you want to have start menu of windows 8.1, it is possible and you can do it in simple way,

Right Click on Taskbar and go to Properties,


Under Start Menu, Uncheck Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen


It will ask you to sign out and change settings.


After sign out and login back, you will get the start menu as like windows 8.1,


Above I have mentioned few of the new features of windows 10. Shall post other features also in upcoming articles.

Until then stay tuned.. Thank you!!

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