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The user isn’t assigned to any management roles Error

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

When launching the Exchange Management Shell, it throws an error as follows,


When looking in the event logs –> Application events, could see below mentioned error.


Resolution for Management Roles Issue:

With an error message mentioned above, Could understand that user who launched the PowerShell not has been assigned with any management roles.

When checked in the Active Directory — User’s Member Of, User assigned with Active Directory roles that is the reason user is able to login to Exchange Servers. but failed to Launch Exchange PowerShell, It failed since not assigned with any of the Exchange Management Roles.


Assigned the right Exchange Management Role required for the user and close all the Exchange PowerShell opened previously.


When try to open Exchange PowerShell, Could able to succeed this time without any errors.



It could be other errors, so check out the event logs and error messages and take actions accordingly.

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