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Released: March 2017 Quarterly Exchange Updates

As expected, Microsoft released March 2017 Quarterly Updates for Exchange versions on March 21, 2017..Updates are subsequently released for Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016 Versions.

Rollup Update 23 is the last Rollup update for Exchange 2007 SP3 which is getting retired from 11-April-2017. Rollup Update 17 is the next Rollup update for Exchange 2010 SP3.

Cumulative Update 16(CU16) for Exchange 2013 and Cumulative update 5(CU5) for Exchange 2016. Now, We will see what is new and which are all the issues got fixed with each versions

All the packages contains latest time zones updates for all the versions of exchange in the release.For more information about DST, go to Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center.

Rollup Update 23 for Exchange 2007

This update includes new daylight saving time(DST) for Exchange 2007 SP3. With this Update, Exchange 2007 is getting Expired and Microsoft is going to stop the support and updates from 11-April-2017.

Click here to download the Rollup Update 23

Rollup Update 17 for Exchange 2010

This update fixes the following issues in Exchange 2010 SP3 Servers. Click here to download the Rollup update 17

Cumulative Update 16 for Exchange 2013

This update fixes the following issues. Click here to download the Cumulative Update 16

  1. Update includes daylight saving time(DST) updates

Cumulative Update 5 for Exchange 2016

This update fixes the following issues. Click here to download the Cumulative Update 16

  1. Update includes daylight saving time(DST) updates

.Net 4.6.2 Requirements:

Exchange Server 2016 and 2013 now requires .Net 4.6.2 on all supported operating systems. If you’re running on .Net 4.5.2, requested to upgrade it to .Net 4.6.2 first and install Cumulative Update 5 or Cumulative update 16.

Arbitration Mailbox Migration changes

Some of the Exchange migrations of mailboxes in the multi versions of Exchange Co-exist within organization reported some problems. Now it is recommended to move the arbitration mailboxes to the latest version of the Exchange versions in the organizations to avoid such issues.

You have to update in the following order to avoid issues.

1. Client Access Server(CAS). You have to install in Internet-Facing CAS Server first. If you have deployed CAS Array, have to update in each server by disabling connections in Load Balancer(HLB/NLB).

2. Hub Transport Server(HUB)

3. Unified Messaging Server(UM)

4. Mailbox Server(MBX)

5. Edge Server(EDGE)

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