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Part1:Types of Zones in DNS?

In this article, We see about types of zones in DNS and how it’s working, There are three types of Zone in active directory 2016. 1. Primary Zone. 2. Secondary Zone. 3. Stub Zone. 1. Primary Zone: Primary zone is the read write copy of zone, this mean that if this zone answers the query then it is an authoritative answer. There should be only one copy of this zone in network. In Primary zone the file is saved as normal text file with filename(.dns).

2. Secondary Zone: It maintains a read only copy of zone database on another DNS server. Also, its acts as a backup server to primary server by providing fault tolerance and load balancing.

3. Stub Zone: To understand stub zone suppose you have users in your network which are continuously accessing your business partner’s network, printer and other resources and this network is not manage by you. Also you don’t have idea about their DNS zone and other network architecture. Then it good to create a stub zone for these queries, which only contain the enough information to send your client to your partner’s DNS so that other DNS resolve your client queries.

We create a stub zone to give a secure connection between two organization as same Domain name.

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