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How to Upgrade AADConnect Agent from old version to New Version : In-Place Upgrade

AADConnect Server plays important role in the Office 365 Hybrid setup. Hence that AADConnect upgrade should be taken care very seriously if it is also being used for Password Sync.

How to install AADConnect using the Express Installation, Please refer the Article How to install AADConnect using the Express Installation,Please refer the Article

AADConnect as three different types of Upgrade options, 1. In-Place Upgrade In-Place Upgrade is upgrading the server which is already installed and running currently in the production. It neeed more attention as upgrading current server. if anything goes wrong or misbehaves by upgrade, it may cause serious issues, hence check all the steps as we are gonna explain before proceed with upgrade 2. Automatic upgrade Auto Upgrade option is not recommended for the larger Objects Sync Organizations as it may cause for the downtime or mislead the settings if any goes wrong. it is recommended for express installed version and not enabled with more conditions or filters. 3. Swing migration swing upgrade is highly supported where AADConnet installed with two Servers with High Available.

In this Article, We will see how to do in-place Upgrade. Before proceeding with Upgrade, 1. Ensure the Current Cycle completed as it is required full sync once AAD Connect completed. 2. Export the settings if any customized filters applied. Follow the Microsoft Article to see the latest versions release of the Azure ADConnect.

Note: When i am writing the Article, 1.1.882.0 is the latest version.

Download the latest version and click on the setup,

Select the Agreement and click on Continue

Click on Upgrade

Enter the Credentials for the Azure AD and Click on Next

Select start full sync if you want to begin the sync once the installation completed. i have disabled immidiate sync once upgrade.

Click on Exit once the upgrade completed.

you can see the latest version in the appwiz.cpl.

validate installed version and initiate full sync by using the command if required to sync and validate the behaviors. Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType initial

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