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How to Rename Domain Controllers in Server 2012

In this Article, I am going to explain how to rename the Domain Controller.

As an Administrator, Renaming Domain Controller is not right way but in some cases it is required due to some previous wrong names.

Current Host name of the Domain Controller


Since the name assignment was wrongly provided, we cannot simeply rename as we do in work stations because this is domain controller. Hence we need to do it using NETDOM Command

Step 1: We need to add second name


netdom computername <CurrentComputerName> /add:<NewComputerName>

Step 2: make second name as primary name

netdom computername <CurrentComputerName> /makeprimary:<NewComputerName>


Now we have added second name and made it as Primary. Reboot the Domain Controller to get this applied.

After Reboot, you could see that now domain controller name has been renamed


Step 3: Remove the Old name

netdom computername <NewComputerName> /remove:<OldComputerName>


Now run DCDIAG or REPADMIN command  to verify the Replication Status.


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