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How to Custom Attributes Sync from On-Premises Active Directory using AAConnect to Azure Active Dire

In many Organizations there will be many customized attributes like EmployeeID, Career information, HR Details and so on. It is needed for many applications to work.

How to install AADConnect using the Express Installation, Please refer the Article How to install AADConnect using the Express Installation,Please refer the Article

Now organizations are started migrating the Applications to Azure LOB based application solutions and started Azure AD based authentications. So now, we need this customized On-Premises Attributes to support such migrating applications to integrate with Azure Active Directory(AAD).

Be default,When you configure AADConnect with default settings, it will not Sync these customized Attributes instead of that it will sync only the required Attributes for the Azure or Office 365 Applications.Please check for default List of attributes that are synced by the Azure Active Directory Sync Tool

we need to enable the Directory Extensions to sync these customized Directory Attributes.

What happens when we enable the Directory Extensions?

When sync the On-Premises AD Environment Attributes, it will elevate the Azure AD and extend the Azure AD Schema with On-Premises Attributes. Example, If the Attrbute name in On-Premises EmployeeID, it will be added as extension_tenantGUID_EmployeeID.

To enable the Directory Extensions, Follow the below steps, Select the Azure AD Connect Icon and Click on Open

Select the Customize Synchronization Option and Click on Next

Enter the Credentials to connect to Azure Active Directory

Enter the Credentials for the On-Premises Active Directory

Click on Next if there is no Filters are applied. if it is applied, ensure it is properly selected.

Select Directory Extensions Attribute Sync and Click on Next

Select the Attributes you want to sync to Azure Active Directory

Enter the Credentials to connect the On-Premises Active Directory

Select the Full Sync option as it is required to complete the Additional Attributes configurations

Now the Additional Extended Attributes are getting sync to Azure AD. You can validate the same using the Azure Active Directory.

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