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How to convert Federated domain to Managed Domain(Password Hash Sync(PHS))-Part 2

In this Part 2 Article,we will see converting the domain to Managed and make users authenticated against Azure AD. Ensure Full Sync and Password sync has been allowed enough time to sync and completed Before converting the Domain.

3. Convert the domain from Federated to Managed Login to the AADConnect Serveer and Click on Azure ADConnect Icon

Click on Configure

Click on Change User Sign-in and Click on Next

Enter the Login Credentials to connect Azure AD Tenant and Click on Next, Ensure this ID enabled with Global Administrator

Select Password Synchronization

Select Enable Single Sign-on as well and Click on Next

Enter Credentials for On-Premises Active directory and Click on Next

Once ready to configure, Click on Configure to complete the Conversion

4. check the user Authentication happens against Azure AD Now the domain has been completed sucessfully, You can connect to Azure AD using Connect-Msolservice and run the command to validate the domain status. It should be showing as Managed which means the users will get authenticated using Azure AD and they are not travelling to On-Premises to get authenticated. Get-MsolDomin

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