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How to Apply Disclaimer for the External Mails

In this Article, We are going to see how to Add disclaimer for the external mails. when I say this, you will get one question why should we add the disclaimer for External Mails specifically.. Right?

There are lots of ways spammers are targeting users by using the Email address policies which are look genuine by nature but it is not.. We will talk in detailed in upcoming EOP (Exchange Online Protection) Category.

We can apply disclaimer to the External mails using the following procedure which will give extra caution for the internal recipients.

Open  Exchange Admin Center


Click on Create a new rule


Type the Name for Transport Rule and Click on More Options


Select Apply this rule if –> The Sender –> is External/Internal


Select the Option Outside the Organization



Select Do the following–> Apply a disclaimer to the message — > Select Prepend a disclaimer or Append a disclaimer

You need select option depends on your management decision.. many of the company they will go for the append message which would be adding the text below the message(Ideally,all the companies they will add their company disclaimers. Hence the append will be added all the way down of the message that no one will even notice 🙂 )

Prepend is adding the text above the message. Prepend is the best option because the requirement is to give the precautions to the users.

It is totally up to you now, which way you want to display it.. In my case i have selected Prepend a disclaimer 


Click on Enter text


Specify disclaimer text


Click on Select one


Specify the fallback action if the transport rule is not able to apply. In my case, selected Wrap


We need to exclude signed mails which are send from external.why? Because the digitally signed mails should not get intercepted.

To do that, Select Except if –> The Message type is –> Signed 


Once selected, save the rule and wait for 15 to 20 minutes to replicate the rule between the Exchange servers.


Check any mail coming from the external domains Now..

You can see that the disclaimer is added in the message area above the actual message sent by the sender.

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