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Event ID: 15021An Error Occured while using SSL Configuration for End Point in ADFS Ser

In the System Events On the ADFS Servers, Noticed Events with description  An Error Occured while uisng  SSL COnfiguration for End Point, the error status code contained with the returned data   followed with Event ID: 15021. When try to browse the ADFS idpinitiatedsignon page, it is getting failed.


Normally, this issue occurs if the certificate renewal or certificate upgrade has not been done properly.

To Solve this issue,

run the CMD: Netsh http show sslcert  to check the current certificate bindings

See the certificate which has been upgraded is in IP: Port binding–> Certificate hash. If it contains old certificate and that is not available in the Certificate MY Store, above event will get generated and users can not browse the site or ADFS Page will not get loaded.

To solve this issue, first delete the old certificate has which is currently bonded for the using the command

netsh http delete sslcert ipport=

Next, bind the new Certificate has for the ipport= using the below command

add sslcert ipport= appid='{App ID’} certhash=<thumbprint without space>


Now, restart the ADFS Service and check the events and browse the ADFS idpinitiatedsignon page and see it shows new certificate and page is getting loaded.

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