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Azure AD Connect 1.1 is now GA – Faster sync times, automatic upgrades and more!

The Azure Active Directory team regularly updates Azure AD Connect with new features and functionality. Last week Azure AD Connect  1.1 has bee released to GA..

Below are the features are added in Azure AD Connect 1.1

  1. Reduction in the sync interval to keep your Azure AD in sync with AD on-premises more quickly. it has been reduced to 30 used to be 3 Hours in earlier versions.

  2. Ability to switch between sign-in methods through the wizard to enable faster pilots –

  3. Automatic upgrade feature for Express settings customers.- Now you can upgrade from old version to new version with by updating like service pack to the Application

  4. Allow changing the user’s sign-in method after initial install.

Also It is fixed the below issues identified in earlier version

  1. The verify DNS domains page didn’t always recognize the domains.

  2. Prompts for domain admin credentials when configuring ADFS .

  3. The on-premises AD accounts are not recognized by the installation wizard if located in a domain with a different DNS tree than the root domain.

For more details, please refer Microsoft Article.

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