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Assigning Azure RBAC Roles using PowerApps and Flow – Part 3

Step 3: Creating Flow for the Actions

We have created SharePoint List and PowerApps Forms with Button. We need to give an action to get the user details from the logged in user profile. To do that, we need to insert a flow.

Select the Button and click on Flow in the Menu,

Click on Create a new flow

After clicking on create a new flow, It will take you to the flow admin central

Click on Next Step

Under choose an action, type get my profile– Select Get my Profile(V2)

Click on Next step

Select Respond to PowerApps

Click on Add an output

Add all the output fields and select the appropriate Dynamic context and match with right output fields correctly.

After giving the identifiable Names for the Flow and click on Save

Let’s test the flow created to identify whether flow is working fine.

Click on Test

Click on I’ll perform the trigger action

Click on Continue

Click on Run Flow

Now, you can see the flow executed successfully and able to get the information of the user who triggered the flow

Once you have created the flow for the loadButton, let’s save the PowerApps created to avoid loss.

Give the name for the PowerApps with identifiable name and click on Save

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