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Assigning Azure RBAC Roles using PowerApps and Flow – Part 2

Step 2: Creating Microsoft PowerApps form

Now, it is time to create PowerApps for our application. Let’s Login to

Click on New and select Start with a blank canvas or a template — Select Phone layout

Click on Add an Item from the insert tab

Insert Labels and name them as follows,

Rename the label name as Firstname

Add one more label and remove the text and change the colour. Ideally this is the label which is getting user details and displays them here(How?.let me show you later)

Rename the Label now as FirstnameIN, so that it is easy for us to identify them with unique names to program it wisely

You need to add all the labels as follows after that we need to add few check boxes.

Click on Controls–Select Check box

Add two check boxes as shown below and name them with unique names. These are used for the agreement and training checks

In my case, I have named them as Agreecheck and Trainingcheck

Let’s add the buttons now,

click on Insert Menu–> Select Button

Colour the button, Text it as “Load Current user Details”, rename the Button name as “LoadButton”

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