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Hub Transport Service is not starting in EDGE Server

Hub transport service is not getting started in EDGE Transport Server.Okay. let see how to resolve this issue,

When I try to restart the service manually in Services.msc, I can see the events  17102 and 483 with descriptions in the Event Viewer

Event ID:17102 

Transport Mail Database: MSExchangeTransport has detected a critical storage error and has taken an automated recovery action.  This recovery action will not be repeated until the target folders are renamed or deleted. Directory path:L:\TransportLogs\Queue\QueueDB is moved to directory path:L:\TransportLogs\Queue\QueueDB\Queue.old, and directory path:L:\TransportLogs\Queue\QueueLogs is moved to directory path:L:\TransportLogs\Queue\QueueLogs\Queue.log.old.


Event ID:483 

edgetransport (2024) Transport Mail Database: An attempt to create the folder “L:\” failed with system error 3 (0x00000003): “The system cannot find the path specified. “.  The create folder operation will fail with error -1023 (0xfffffc01). 



As per the above events I clearly understood that L: is not available or not accessible in which the HUB Transport Queue DB is getting Stored. Hence that it is  not able to start the service and failed.

Opened My computer and found exactly that L drive is no more available. Since it is Virtual Machine, I have attached another VHDX and renamed as L Drive. Created the the folder structure L:\TransportLogs\Queue\QueueDB.

Then I tried to start the Hub transport service and it got successfully started. I also could see that new Mail.queue got created along with all the Logs files and folders required for it.

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