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How to Sign up for AWS and Create a Root User Account

Hi there, Welcome back.

It will be a long journey and We need to plan our studies when you're the first-time learner of AWS Cloud for your Profession or passion. in this series of articles, I will walk you through one by one how you can learn quickly with real-time practical experience. I will not bore you with more theoretical explanations which you can get from the internet. I mainly focus on practical knowledge-sharing in every article I publish. let's begin.

To begin with AWS, We need to create an AWS Account which is a Root user account which is the first step required in place to log in and start creating resources

What is Root User?

The account which you create for the first time is called Root user. using this account you can control end-to-end Amazon Web Services (AWS). the other accounts that you create using Root User are called IAM Users.

Keep in mind, that Root User is the Highest privileged account. using this account you can do any activities in your AWS Subscription. Hence it is good and recommended not to use Root user for every activity you do in your AWS. Recommended to use it only for activities that the root user can do and don't share the password of the account with everyone. ensure you create IAM User accounts for tasks.

Open the browser click on and click on Create an AWS Account



Type your Email address and AWS Account Name and click on Verify email address


You will receive verification on the Email address that you provided,




Enter the Verification code has been validated. you can set the root user password and confirm.


Click on Continue


Select whether you create it for Business or personal requirements. In my case, I have selected Personal - for your own Projects.


Provide Mobile Number and contact details, Click on Continue


Credit card details are required for validation. Dont worry. AWS will take $1 from your card to ensure it is you. :)


Click on Verify and continue to further process and create your Root user account.


once you have provided all the details and created the account successfully.

Now you can log in using the Root user account that we have created.

go to and enter the Root user account email address and password




Now you have successfully created and logged in to your AWS Console.


Great. It is simple and very fast.. isn't it?. Let's create IAM Users and Groups in upcoming articles. Until then. Ta ta.

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