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How to create a scope reservation and scope options in DHCP Server

In this article, We see how to create scope Reservations The purpose of DHCP is automatically assign an IP address to client user in a physical network IP address. Host Reservation mainly used for reserved the IP address to important users and Network Printer and some other. The reservation IP address is identified by MAC address.

Creating a Scope Reservation Open DHCP server console,Right click on reservation and click on new reservation


Enter the details for required for reservation and click on ADD


Now you can see that IP addresses are reserved which are reserved.


Scope options

Scope options are used to set additional network information when a host is assigned an IP address. This can be used to set the default gateway, DNS server, local time server (NTP), and many other details as well. Open DHCP server console, Right click on scope options and click configure options.


In General tab select which one we want to enable and click on OK

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