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How to create a Room List Distribution Group

If you want to see availability of the room(Resource) Mailbox, You will add it in outlook and go for Scheduling Assistant to checking the availability of the room. Right??



Now take an example, you want to see all the room mailboxes availability,we can’t go for typical adding and checking Scheduling Assistant. it will be lengthy process and it will take more time.. Am i right??

it was a concern in 2007 and earlier versions of exchange. It is completely resolved in server 2010 with an option called Room List Distribution Group. 

What is Room List?

It is like distribution group where you adding all the room mailboxes. RecipientTypeDetails for the RoomLIst will be RoomList.

TO Create RoomList

 New-DistributionGroup -Name “Roomlist1” -RoomList

Here, RoomList is the Switch which indicates it as Room List.


Get-DistributionGroup roomlist1|fl *name*, *recipie*


Here, RecipientTypeDetails: RoomList which is shows it is Room List.

To add Room Mailboxes to RoomList,

Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity roomlist1 -Member

To see the Members in RoomList

Get-DistributionGroupMember  -Identity roomlist1


We have Successfully created RoomList and added the members as well. Now we will see whether it is working by adding the Roomlist in Outlook.

For Adding RoomList, You have to select From Room List




Great to see that it working fine and able to see free/busy information of all the Room Mailboxes now with single Roomlist. Likewise you can combine them based on your requirement by leveraging RoomList  feature.

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