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How to Clear Mailbox Dumpster using PowerShell

In this Article, Will show you how to clear Dumpster for the mailboxes. which is majorly help you when you are doing mailbox moving from O365 to On-Premises and vise versa. Let’s begin,

Run the below command to see the size of the Dumpster(Deletions) Folder size which is  storing the deleted items of mailbox which is not visible to users but administrators can see by using Exchange PowerShell,

Get-MailboxFolderStatistics |ft name,foldersize –AutoSize


If you see the Deletions, It is showing 19.85 GB data is there in the folder,  run the below command to clear it..

Get-mailbox | search-mailbox -searchquery “Subject:’*'” -DeleteContent –SearchDumpsterOnly


Press A to continue and wait for some time,


Once Completed, Run the below command once again, Get-MailboxFolderStatistics |ft name,foldersize –AutoSize


Now it is cleared as it is showing only 45.84 KB of Deletions folder size.


WOOT.. You have done the job. Will cover what is Purges and Versions in the Upcoming  Articles..

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