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How to Change SID in Server 2012 for cloned Image

Scenario: I have cloned an Image from Existing Windows Server 2012 R2 and tried to use it in the same environment. While I am trying to join the machine in domain, it ended up with below error,


The Problem here is that the machine SID and Existing DC Domain which I used to clone are having the same SID. Hence it is getting failed.


As mentioned in the Error itself, we need to run sysprep and generate the SID for this new machine. So that the machine can join and communicate with other domain joined machines without any issues.

Step 1:

Sysprep is the free windows bundled utility which can be found in the Path: %systemroot%\System32\sysprep\sysprep.exe.

Run the Sysprep.exe and follow the instructions given below,


Select: Enter System Audit Mode under system cleanup action and check the option Generalize

Select: Reboot under shutdown options and click on OK.


It will take 5-10 Minutes to complete and VM will get rebooted automatically once completed. WOOT!! Problem solved!!

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